AOR - Cardio Mag 2.0; 120 vcaps
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AOR - Cardio Mag 2.0; 120 vcaps

AOR - Cardio Mag 2.0; 120 vcaps
Brand: AOR - Advanced Orthomolecular Research
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Protection and Healing for the Heart. AOR - Cardio Mag 2.0 is true magnesium orotate. Magnesium and orotic acid exert complementary effects on the biosynthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides, supporting the heart's ability to endure and recover from chronic and acute stressors through the maintenance of normal glycogen stores, protein synthesis, ATP levels, and contractile function.

Research supports the ability of true magnesium orotate to support cardiac function. The magnesium orotate in AOR's Cardio•Mag 2.0 is fully-reacted, unlike most "magnesium orotate" products which are food-grade mixtures of orotic acid with inorganic magnesium salts.

  • Helps the heart deal with and recover from stress
  • Increases heart energy stores and energy production
  • Clinically shown to help patients with cardiac disorders

Medical Information

Suggested Usage:

Supports cardiac function and promote healthy blood pressure.

Active Ingredients;

Per 1 Capsule Serving; Amount per serving,

  • Magnesium orotate; 770 mg
  • Elemental Magnesium; 50 mg
  • Orotic Acid; 720 mg

Key Features:

Pure, fully reacted magnesium orotate.
(120 Vegitable Capsules)

Suggested Dosage:

Adults: Take 4 capsules daily with/without food, or as directed by a qualified health practitioner.


None Known.

Pregnancy/Nursing: Safe.

Source: Pharmaceutical synthesis.

Complementary Products:

  • Cardana Caps, Co-Q plus, Hawthorn II

Natural Product Number (NPN): 80005854

Product Research

Two Kinds of Help For the Heart

Cardio•Mag 2.0 contains magnesium orotate, a strong combination for maintaining a healthy heart. Magnesium by itself is well known to be an important mineral for the heart. Orotate, besides being a carrier for magnesium, also has heart health benefits. Orotic acid is used to make the building blocks of DNA, and in animals, orotate increases the heart’s energy stores and energy levels, and increases its protein synthesis. This is particularly important in people who have had heart failure, which causes heart energy levels to sink.

Scientifically Tested

The benefits of magnesium orotate have been well tested. Clinical trials have shown improvements in heart function and overall health in a variety of patients with heart problems, including patients who have had cardiac surgery. Magnesium orotate also benefits those whose hearts function well. One study showed that this supplement improved physical performance and reduced negative impacts of exercise in triathletes.

The Real Thing

Cardio•Mag 2.0 contains fully reacted magnesium orotate that is not blended with lesser compounds, and that is easily absorbed in the body. This safe and powerful supplement helps to support and maintain a healthy heart.

True Magnesium Orotate for Cardiovascular Health

Magnesium is known to be an important mineral for the heart. But few people look beyond the magnesium in their supplements to consider the importance of the other half of the supplement- the molecule that magnesium in bound to, and many forms of magnesium come with poor absorption and unpleasant side effects. The “other half” of Magnesium Orotate, however, has great benefits for heart health.

Magnesium Orotate is magnesium bound to orotic acid, which is a key stepping-stone in the process of making one of the building blocks of the “letters” of your DNA code, and of RNA, the messenger that delivers and translates the code. Although little known and underappreciated, decades of research and clinical trials have documented the powerful benefits of Magnesium Orotate to the weakened heart.

Russian Research

The use of orotic acid was first used in the former Soviet Union to support patients with heart failure. Heart failure increases the demand for RNA to make proteins that repair the heart. Soviet cardiologists reasoned that, since orotate is needed to make RNA precursors, supplemental orotate might speed the recovery of heart muscle function.

This reasoning was supported by animal models, which provided evidence that supplemental orotate increases levels of important cellular molecules and processes that are decreased by heart failure, and improves the heart’s ability to contract after it has been damaged without interfering with normal function in healthy hearts.

Trials Confirm the Power of Magnesium Orotate

Studies have shown that supplementation with Magnesium Orotate improves heart function in a variety of ways. It improved exercise time and abnormal heartbeats in patients who had just undergone a coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. It completely or partially reduced symptoms in people suffering with mitral valve prolapse.

The most recent study used Magnesium Orotate as a central part of a whole-lifestyle intervention involving exercise, stress reduction, and supplement use in patients scheduled for cardiac surgery. Magnesium Orotate users had a 24% improvement in mental quality of life and a full 50% jump in physical quality of life.

Other clinical trials have showed the effectiveness of Magnesium Orotate supplements to improve quality of life in elderly patients with stable angina; in supporting exercise and a salt-restricted diet to reduce blood pressure, eliminate heart palpitations, and improve sleep quality in children with hypertension; and in improving the flexibility of blood vessels and reducing anginal pains in patients with arteriosclerosis or inflammatory vessel disorders. It has also been found to improve physical performance in triathletes, while at the same time reducing some of the negative impacts of extreme physical exercise.

What’s Out There ... and Why

Unfortunately, the great majority of the “Magnesium Orotate” on the market is not fully-reacted, pure Magnesium Orotate, but a “blend” or “complex,” mostly made up of magnesium oxide. The Magnesium Orotate in these supplements is “cut” with cheaper, denser forms of the mineral. True, fully-reacted Magnesium Orotate contains nearly 15 times as much orotic acid as magnesium by weight.

Authentic Magnesium Orotate is a supplement with solid, proven benefits in supporting the heart health. Most importantly, it improves the quality of life of those living with aching hearts.

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