Neti Pot (Package) FREE BOOK
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Neti Pot (Package) FREE BOOK

Neti Pot (Package) FREE BOOK
Neti Pot (Package) FREE BOOK Neti Pot (Package) FREE BOOK
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The ancients have used the Neti Pot for nasal irrigation for hundreds of years. Its use began in India as a purification technique prior to yoga practice. Some teachers suggest it helps cleanse energy channels and balances the left and right hemispheres. Today it is praised all over the world as a simple, drug-free way of reducing allergens in the nasal passages, clearing sinuses, soothing nasal passages, and allowing for free breath.

Four colours are available - white, tan, mint and rose.

The double decker design can be used to conveniently store your salt solution.

SPECIAL Includes: 

Netti Pot usage booklet (valued at $11.99)

AND GET A FREE BAG OF Himalayan Brine Crystals; 250g (valued at $3.60)

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